Monday, September 27, 2010

What Character Do I Buy!!?!?

Whenever I had enough IP for a new character, the question always came up, "What character do I buy??".
Everytime I asked myself this question I would end up looking everywhere for information on all my choices and creating forum posts and trying to figure out which one I wanted to use my hard earned IP on.

It was always a tough decision and knowing after I pick one I won't be picking again for quite a while :O so I always put a lot of thought into it but still wanted every character unlocked in the end.

So for those who are still in the character buying phase and need an idea of which characters to buy, here is my list of my favorite characters of all levels:

Annie- Shes a great ranged caster champion. Shes amazing at solo. Shes great crowd control. She has a pet named Tibbers. Quick ulti cooldown. Great at farming. Has an awesome stun and amazing nuke combos.

 Dr. Mundo- Can be built as either tank or DPS. Awesome harassment. Quick ulti cooldown. Can regenerate loads of his health often.

Garen- Can spin at crazy OP speeds. Silence. Can tank or DPS. Can regenerate his health at awesome speeds from his passive and with a doran's shield. Can KS everyone with his ulti. A must buy.

Kayle- Great support. Great DPS. Can put a shield on herself or her teamates. Can Heal. A must have character for a great team.

Morgana- Great support. Great damage with the right ability power. Crowd Control. Amazing farmer. Multiple stuns.

 Singed- One of the best tanks. Can deal a lot of damage to their whole team with poison. Good Farmer.

Miss Fortune- This spot would have been Tristana's spot previously. Ranged DPS. Insane Damage. Awesome crowd hitting ulti. Good Chaser. One of the best carrys in the game.

Okay, there you have it, my favorite characters that are totally worth the buy in my opinion.

And, I'm not saying all the other characters aren't good. I own nearly every champ and have played them all and there is no champ I don't like and there is no champ I can't win a game with. It's all a matter of preference.

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