Monday, September 27, 2010


They say the best way to learn, is to teach. But in League of Legends, there isn't much teaching that goes around, its mainly learn on your own as you go. This is where livestreams come into play.

Livestreams are "Live Streams". They are streaming videos of people playing AS you're watching them. You can watch the view from their computer screen of every click they make. It is the best way to learn what to do and how to do it in League of Legends besides reading the forums.

I personally do not have my own livestream, but I can give you a few links to help you find the one you want to watch. (also they are real people playing so they do sleep and eat and have lives, so they wont be live 24/7, you have to kinda figure out their schedule of when they play)
(This is my personal favorite. This right here is HotShotGG's stream. I've watched him for months and even watched him begin and end in the NA WCG. With over 1k viewers at all times, his stream is easily the best to watch)
(used to be the home of reginald and AoN but I'm not quite sure if it still is, haven't really paid attention since I never watch ;]. Amazing players though nonetheless)

 Nuclear Squirrel's Comprehensive Stream List

Well there ya go. 
Nuclear Squirrel's stream list should give you a stream to watch at any point in the day haha.
Different people primarily use different characters and different playstyles so it's very essential to get a nice broad spectrum to put together as your own.

Happy viewing! :D

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