Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ashe Tutorial

A 10 minute tutorial video on how to play Ashe: The Frost Archer.
Brought to you by Redmercy

Ashe has been a great hero since level one. She's the best ranged kiter in the game. She can continue to pour her damage upon enemies while slowing them so they'll never catch up to her or get away. After the CLG tournament Ashe's popularity increased a bit due to her being frequently picked and seeing some freakin awesome ulti's.

Don't toggle Q until someone starts running, you or the enemy.
Practice timing/aiming your ulti.
Practice last hitting so you can rush that Infinity Edge faster.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of updates since the end of WCG. I've been working a lot and playing a lot and honestly I forgot that I even had a blog. I'm pretty new to blogging as you can probably tell.

So even if I don't have very long detailed posts, I'm going to try to post something every day or 2 days atleast.

Thanks for understanding.


Saturday, October 2, 2010




GO USA (well technically Canada) BUT YEAH! NA!!

Friday, October 1, 2010







Sorry, fanpost :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tristana Tutorial

  Okay, I'm going to upload Reginald's Tristana Tutorial. Why Tristana? She's an underrated high tier 5v5 champ and is also one of my favorites to play.

  Tristana is a ranged carry. She excels at mid and can harass very well while keeping a last hit going. Her passive increases her range every time she levels meaning once she hits level 18 or she can fire away at people at great distances (including from the other side of walls). Her E spell is great farming, you'll clear through herds of minions in a few shots with E maxed out. Her W is well used with auto-cast (Point mouse to where you want to land, Alt > Click, using this method you can always quickly jump to your maximum distance). She can snipe characters down that are tower hugging while still standing outside of the tower's range. She can protect towers from groups of enemies and protects carries with her ulti.

So next time you're at the champ selection screen and want to try out a new character, give Trist a try, I promise she won't let you down.

-Blog Master

Item Efficiency Database

Thanks to Solomid, there is an item efficiency chart so you can check which items are really worth buying.

This database is a couple weeks old but still shows everything before the new item and the manamune. It gives you efficiency scores along with notes. Also it shows how efficient a snowball item is when its first bought, broke even, and full.

A great tool for knowing which items you should buy, and which items you definitely shouldn't buy to maximize your item:gold ratio :D

Item Efficiency Spreadsheet

Thanks Dret from Solomid!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Zone Control

Heres a popular video by Shurelia on Zone Control.

This concept actually won me my last game a few minutes ago keeping the enemy away from the creep fights and reducing their experience (denying minions & zone control)


Last Hitting

     Last Hitting is the most important part of the laning phase. Last hitting always comes before harassing and should be done constantly between ganks. Last hitting is your key to getting the most money while laning.

     The reasons you should always last hit are:
  • It's faster to last hit a bunch of minions by only attacking them once and getting the gold than hacking away at one minion at a time for the gold.
  • It saves you health from being in the minion fray as you just wait on the side for a minion to drop to the right health.
  • It keeps your lane pushed back which is always a good thing for a couple reasons. You'll get tower support during fights. You won't get ganked from behind like you would if you were pushed to the enemies tower. It gives you a lot of room to kill your enemies before they can run back to their turret. It gives space for your jungle/mid to come down and gank your enemies

     Last hitting comes with practice. It's like a natural skill that comes from the right timing. You'll get used to the timing over time (haha get it? ;]) You'll see how different characters attack animations and attack speeds are and you'll get used to running up to a creep when the creep has the right amount of health at the right time to get the profit.

    Practice last hitting! It is a required skill to properly lane safely with the most amount of gold.

Custom Skins

Ever wanted a cool skin for free? Well now you can! The only problem is, you're the only person that will be able to see it. But still, maybe it'll give you the extra edge in your games as a batman pantheon and many, many others.

Custom skins are NOT against the LoL T.o.S.

They have to be downloaded from third party websites.
They have to be installed into your game folders.

Now that I cleared that part up.

You can find the custom skins you want to download there.

If you don't want to do it manually, then here is a program that will automatically install the skins for you!

Automatic Skin Installer By Tsou

If you hate robots, then there is a guide to install custom skins manually.


They say the best way to learn, is to teach. But in League of Legends, there isn't much teaching that goes around, its mainly learn on your own as you go. This is where livestreams come into play.

Livestreams are "Live Streams". They are streaming videos of people playing AS you're watching them. You can watch the view from their computer screen of every click they make. It is the best way to learn what to do and how to do it in League of Legends besides reading the forums.

I personally do not have my own livestream, but I can give you a few links to help you find the one you want to watch. (also they are real people playing so they do sleep and eat and have lives, so they wont be live 24/7, you have to kinda figure out their schedule of when they play)
(This is my personal favorite. This right here is HotShotGG's stream. I've watched him for months and even watched him begin and end in the NA WCG. With over 1k viewers at all times, his stream is easily the best to watch)
(used to be the home of reginald and AoN but I'm not quite sure if it still is, haven't really paid attention since I never watch ;]. Amazing players though nonetheless)

 Nuclear Squirrel's Comprehensive Stream List

Well there ya go. 
Nuclear Squirrel's stream list should give you a stream to watch at any point in the day haha.
Different people primarily use different characters and different playstyles so it's very essential to get a nice broad spectrum to put together as your own.

Happy viewing! :D