Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Hitting

     Last Hitting is the most important part of the laning phase. Last hitting always comes before harassing and should be done constantly between ganks. Last hitting is your key to getting the most money while laning.

     The reasons you should always last hit are:
  • It's faster to last hit a bunch of minions by only attacking them once and getting the gold than hacking away at one minion at a time for the gold.
  • It saves you health from being in the minion fray as you just wait on the side for a minion to drop to the right health.
  • It keeps your lane pushed back which is always a good thing for a couple reasons. You'll get tower support during fights. You won't get ganked from behind like you would if you were pushed to the enemies tower. It gives you a lot of room to kill your enemies before they can run back to their turret. It gives space for your jungle/mid to come down and gank your enemies

     Last hitting comes with practice. It's like a natural skill that comes from the right timing. You'll get used to the timing over time (haha get it? ;]) You'll see how different characters attack animations and attack speeds are and you'll get used to running up to a creep when the creep has the right amount of health at the right time to get the profit.

    Practice last hitting! It is a required skill to properly lane safely with the most amount of gold.


  1. Hey, you think you could post some gameplay of LoL? I've heard tons about it but don't really have time to go browse around for videos. I'll bookmark this and check back to see what you come up with.

    Looks like a cool game.

  2. haha, Thanks for my first comments :).

    I'll be posting some gameplay of others and myself in the near future for you to check out.

    And if you ever start playing, heres my referral link if you want to help me out ;]