Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Item Efficiency Database

Thanks to Solomid, there is an item efficiency chart so you can check which items are really worth buying.

This database is a couple weeks old but still shows everything before the new item and the manamune. It gives you efficiency scores along with notes. Also it shows how efficient a snowball item is when its first bought, broke even, and full.

A great tool for knowing which items you should buy, and which items you definitely shouldn't buy to maximize your item:gold ratio :D

Item Efficiency Spreadsheet

Thanks Dret from Solomid!
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  1. Wow my friend just told me about this game, differently will keep an eye out on your blogs ;) Just sharing some love :P

  2. tks for the share dude :D been playing this for a while now

  3. League of Legends seems hella fun, everyone on my steam friends list is playing it, boutta try it out.
    and followed!

  4. Thanks for sharing bro. Your tips are helping me a bunch.

  5. Wow now I know exactly how to buy what i need

  6. LoL seems neat, from what I hear its very similar to DotA