Monday, September 27, 2010

Bottoms Up! .. Builds!

Okay, lets begin. When I first started playing League of Legends I obviously started off at level one. Had some previous skill in dota but the whole game was new to me. I started to play some games and tried different characters. But there was always one thing that got on my nerves... I didn't have a clue on what items I should be buying and I really didn't like the recommended items, so I needed to find builds.

For my first "real" post on this blog I decided to work my way up, (since, of course, it IS a blog) I will begin with the essentials to everyday LoL.


If you imagine facing opponents that play at the same skill level as you (yar right with Riot's matchmaking) and the same characters as you, the team that is going to win is the team that built their items correctly.
You have your item categories in the shop menu (hopefully your aware of the categories and how to use them)
Obviously, you want to counter the other team's items and at the same time, become stronger with your items. You have to learn which characters use magic spells, notice whos going for ability power, and stack your magic resist. Notice someone going pure attack speed, buy a thornmail. Learn to play a role in a team, for example, if your team is 4 dps characters obviously your team is surely lacking a bit of tankage, so pick up some health/armor if your able.
These things come in time and practice.

For now, I'll leave you guys with links to a couple GREAT sites with GREAT builds to start off with:
They won't always work, but they're a great starting ground to build off of.

LeagueCraft (Community>Guides>Champion Guides)
Mobafire (Browse Builds>Click Character Picture>Filter)

Leaguecraft is said to be better for more updated builds/guides, but I also see a lot of good ones on moba.

Be sure to build "Item Awareness", learn your items, what to buy, where they go, when to get them, how they work, and when to buy them.
You're nothing without your items. And you're nothing with BAD items.

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